CDV: “I Mesi della Vista” awareness-raising campaign presented today in Rome

Free screenings by ophthalmologists and opticians from October through March in 10 Italian cities

At the beginning of October, Milan saw the start of the "I Mesi della Vista" (Healthy Vision Months) campaign promoted by Commissione Difesa Vista (CDV) in collaboration with Andom, Anfao, Assogruppi Ottica, Federgruppi Ottica, Federottica, Soi, Vision+Onlus and Mido.


"Healty Vision" month by tradition, October was chosen by CDV for the start-up of an important nation-wide project. The aim of the initiative is to raise public awareness about the importance of regular prevention by means of a free eyesight screening program. From October through March in about ten Italian cities people will be able to visit the screening points set up for the occasion.


"It is an ambitious and difficult undertaking" – commented CDV President Vittorio Tabacchi – "which demands all our efforts, given that numerous surveys have shown that Italians are still fairly careless about eye health. Not only with regard to themselves but, paradoxically and unequivocally, also with regard to their children's health".


The Minister of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin, agreed with CVD President Tabacchi and explained: "Prevention is a priority of my work on overseeing health and I intend to promote it in all its forms and in the various areas in which it can be effectively implemented. It is a trump card that in the mid- to long-term will contribute to guaranteeing the sustainability of the national health system because, on the one hand, it means a reduction in the cost of hospitalization and assistance for preventable diseases and, on the other, it will save many lives by protecting health. Also in the ophthalmological field, prevention is very important: if discovered in time, many eye disorders can be treated and cured, thereby avoiding serious and sometimes permanent eyesight damage. From this aspect, the "I Mesi Della Vista" initiative, which enables everyone to have free screenings in 10 Italian cities is, without any doubt, an invaluable opportunity".


Furthermore, there is no doubt that the initiative is also an occasion to send a strong message of collaboration between the medical profession and opticians: together for the good of citizens. "Commissione Difesa Vista" – Tabacchi continued – "has been a catalyst for various professionals in the area of eyesight protection and has helped them to make their respective experiences a common factor in order to have a united front in the battle for greater awareness about the importance of eye health. This initiative is an example of profitable collaboration between ophthalmologists and opticians who stand side by side to spread such an important message of prevention as far as possible".


Family history, the occurrence of refraction errors or eye diseases within the family, orthoptic and vision acuity tests, computerized eyesight measurement and Amsler tests that reveal early signs of age-related macular degeneration. The ophthalmologists and opticians offer several checks, but with an important disclaimer: under no circumstances do the screenings substitute an examination by the family ophthalmologist. "What are needed" – the CDV President concluded – "are all the expertise and organization skills of the Associations that are part of CDV in order to continue, with the help of the Ministry, to raise the awareness of Italians about the importance of regular checks and constant prevention".