Transitions and Lindberg also for kids

Transitions® lenses are excellent also for children thanks to the design of Lindberg frames

Transitions® lenses are the perfect solution for children thanks to the high added value guaranteed by photochromic technology. As well as protecting the eyes and correcting vision defects, Transitions® lenses adapt to variations in light thereby guaranteeing that wearers – including children - have sharper vision and more genuine color perception in any situation, whether indoors – such as in school – or outdoors.


Transitions® lenses adapt perfectly to the tastes of the wearer and to a variety of frames also for children. This is demonstrated by the collaboration with Lindberg, a sought-after, trendy brand that strongly believes in the added value of Transitions® technology and its avant-garde frames make it the perfect combination of ageless class.


Transitions® is confirmed as the ideal daily ally for children who wear glasses every day and for moms who understand the convenience of having just one frame!