New appointment in Essilor Italia

Christophe Di Trapani is head of Instruments and Business Technology Division

Essilor Italia has announced that Christophe Di Trapani, previously head of the E-Business Division, was appointed head of the Instruments and Business Technology Division on March 1. He takes over from Edoardo Garlati, who left the company after reaching retirement age and to whom all Essilor's esteem and thanks go for the work he has done and the important goals he has achieved over the years.


Di Trapani, born in '77, joined Essilor International in 2000 as part of the IT Division in Paris. When he relocated to Italy in 2005, he followed the development of the E-Business Division of which he became head in 2007. Subsequently, he focused on the technical side of the Instrument Division and was appointed head in 2012.
Since 2008 he has been involved in the development of new technological solutions, including the market launch of Visioffice and Essibox, two fundamental instruments for optimizing the organization of opticians' work.
Di Trapani and his team aim to continue the growth and market integration of the three macro areas of the Instrument Division: laboratory instruments, optometry, and sales support technological solutions. In this context, the new Visioffice 2 is scheduled for launch in the spring and will be available from April, while the launch of numerous other new products will be announced during the year.
With regard to developments in optometry, Essilor Italia is pleased to announce that an agreement was recently signed with Top Con Italia for the distribution of its instruments in the optical channel.


In terms of strategy, the French manager already has very clear ideas: "An essential component which Essilor Italia's Instruments and & Business Technology Division will increasingly pursue as an element of differentiation will be the aftersales technical assistance. As far as sales are concerned, we will be able to offer optician partners greater facilitations also thanks to the partnership with financing company GE Capital." Essilor and GE Capital have in fact developed advanced ad hoc financing tool, thanks to which clients will be able to take advantage of better credit terms.


Another important point concerns the opportunity deriving from synergies between the Lens and Instrument Divisions: "The added value of the Essilor sales force is the result of the ability to represent both segments. Indeed, opticians who want to buy products from both Divisions are offered several valuable combinations that can be adapted to suit any needs."


On inaugurating his new position, Di Trapani gave special thanks to Garlati, his mentor and first supporter: "Ever since I arrived in Italy, Edoardo has always given me the necessary support for doing my job well. My main undertaking will be to get as close to opticians as possible and, thanks to Essilor's constant innovations, to contribute to the growth of the market."