Matteo Livans launches So Soon, a new design studio for eyewear

Livans: "Today's market has no room for ordinariness: a new approach is needed to stay competitive"

Matteo Livans, a young fashion eyewear designer with multi-year experience in up-market eyewear, has announced a turning point in the optics industry with the opening of So Soon, a new concept in design studios devoted exclusively to eyewear. It offers multi-discipline consultancy on creation, design, product development, strategic marketing, graphics, public relations and communication.


Matteo recently resigned as Senior Eyewear Designer at Valentino, where he worked on the re-launch of the eyewear line. With a team of young and highly qualified professionals on the international scene who have different specialties in the eyewear sector, So Soon puts itself forward as a unique and independent creative resource that works with customers on tailor-made solutions for an exclusive collection.


"Italy's fashion eyewear has been the undisputed protagonist in the market for decades because of successful synergies between designer labels and manufacturing companies. But sometimes style is overridden by production and commercial demands to the detriment of brand identity," Matteo maintains. "Our mission is to be the link between the label and the licensee and to promote an integrated creative path that will ensure the soundness and consistency of a collection's identity and continuity."


As creative director and head designer, Matteo Livans will be flanked by co-founder and business development manager Antonio Piazza, a marketing and commercial professional with international experience.


Amar Amoretti, a technical designer with experience on such brands as Beverly Hills Polo
Club, will work with Matteo on 3D graphics. The manager of the graphics and web design division is Fabio Trovato, a multi-award-winning designer well-known for his visuals on MTV.


The group will also have the exclusive consultancy of Paolo Bersaglio, former manager in world leaders of the plating sector, who will head the materials and colors research and development division. Completing the team is Anna Oberhauser, who has worked on international fashion and luxury PR for brands such as Alessandro dell'Acqua and will manage public relations for all So Soon's clients.


With a structure that reproduces on a smaller scale a vertical integration style center for all the in-house activities connected with the development of a collection, from conception to market placement, So Soon capitalizes on the specializations of its team members to provide the service of a design agency with the flexibility of freelance consultancy.


"In today's market there is no room for ordinariness: a new approach is needed not just to stand out, but simply to stay competitive," Matteo said. "It is this attention to the actual needs of clients that led to the opening of So Soon," Antonio added. "Together with style, So Soon will provide an integrated marketing mix and excellent services like WGSN. These elements will enable emerging brands to be structured like major labels, without making the same investments, and help them to create a highly competitive collection on the international market."