Luxottica: renewed Labor Union Agreement for the company’s Welfare System

The Welfare System set up with a Protocol of Understanding in 2009 has been renewed and is the result of industrial relations between the company and labor union organizations

Luxottica announced today that it has reached and signed the Labor Union Agreement governing Luxottica's Welfare System which shall apply to the almost 8,000 employees at its seven manufacturing facilities in Italy and the office in Milan.


With over 70,000 employees throughout the world, Luxottica has long since been committed towards the society, the environment and people. In Italy, Luxottica's interest in people includes a wide-ranging and innovative welfare program characterized by a strong commitment to the territory and the determination of employees and union representatives to be involved. Specifically, Luxottica's welfare system is the outcome of a Labor Union Agreement that was signed in December 2009 after long negotiations with the labor unions.


Piergiorgio Angeli, Human Resources Operations and Industrial Relations Manager at Luxottica, stated: "Today's agreement represents another important step toward the adoption of innovative and flexible methods for defending workers. When a company and the labor union organizations are both committed to improving the quality of life and work in the interests of workers and the company, the right meeting point can always be found. Luxottica's welfare system is inspired by a 'culture of quality' that is shared by management and workers alike: by limiting waste and observing manufacturing rules, the surplus achieved by workers is reinvested in welfare" Piergiorgio Angeli added. "It is a virtuous circle that encourages employees to be more involved in raising the standards of quality and organization and thereby obtaining resources for company welfare from reduced manufacturing costs. This practice is economically sustainable and also an incentive linked to quality indicators updated from year to year."


Sergio Spiller, Deputy National General Secretary of FEMCA – CISL, said: "The renewal of the Luxottica welfare agreement with additional services is very important because it demonstrates that relationships with labor unions can be handled positively without detracting anything from integrated negotiations, whose content is, on the contrary, enhanced and enriched. The welfare agreement confirms the way in which a very flexible tool can adapt the range of interventions to the transformation of needs. It is confirmation of a method of participation and of the possibility of combining the improvement of company processes with good results for workers."


Giuseppe Colferai, Provincial Secretary of FILCTEM – CGIL, declared: "This second agreement concerning Luxottica's welfare system attempts to take note of the observations that emerged from the questionnaire and provide answers to the needs of workers and the company. The Governance Committee is also engaged in returning some of the company's resources to the territory. This is an example of how it is possible to answer workers' problems when both sides are willing."


Paolo Da Lan, Provincial Secretary of UILTEC – UIL declared: "This agreement is proof that bilateralism in the workplace brings great results for the people we represent. I am convinced that the Board not only represents the obvious needs of workers but also takes care of problems that are, perhaps, less apparent but also have an effect on people."