Introducing Occhialeria Italiana 2.0

The new line stems from the partnership between Trevi Coliseum and Ottica Associati, two historic companies in their respective fields

The successful meeting of two historic companies in the industry, Trevi Coliseum, manufacturers and distributors of frames, and Ottici Associati, expert retailers, has resulted in a new joint venture and the new and innovative OCCHIALERIA ITALIANA 2.0 line.


Trevi Coliseum, on the market for over 40 years as a leader in the production and distribution of frames in Italy and overseas, headquartered in the heart of the Cadore region, and Ottici Associati which with its 400 stores has been present all over Italy for 20 years, have launched a partnership that exploits their relative experience and knowhow to the full to develop an original and advanced product that meets the most contemporary needs of opticians.


For many years Trevi Coliseum has provided its clients with collections that satisfy a wide range of final users, employing traditional materials and artisanal expertise whilst continuously developing new shapes, colors and substances. A working process optimized over time and implemented by a team of technical experts that guarantee the top quality craftsmanship of every single piece while maintaining the excellent quality-price ratio with which Trevi products have long been associated.


On the other side of the table the 400 Ottici Associati affiliated stores which have stocked the highly popular Occhialeria Italiana Group brand for a decade now. The branded line of frames is the product of Italy's most authentic eyewear traditions and prefers materials and colors that fit with the most innovative trends and manufacturing quality, one of the distinctive qualities of the Italian craft tradition.


The two companies have spent a long time working on a project that brings together diverse expertise, research and innovation. A genuine evolution of the 'made in Italy' brand, Occhialeria Italiana 2.0 is an exclusive Ottici Associati network brand that maintains the quality standards of the original Occhialeria Italiana brand but, aimed at a younger target, makes it an even more contemporary product, representing its next generation. The new collection leverages on the concept of fashion thanks to the stylistic research carried out at the Trevi-Coliseum style center.