George, Gina & Lucy eyewear comes to Italy

The brand's characteristic concept remains the same for the eyewear collection

George Gina & Lucy is a brand well-known for its logo of three lions and very special women's bags characterized by a steel clasp, dozens of pockets and numerous colors and fabrics.


Set up in 2004, the German company will distribute its eyewear collections through Flaim Import of Caldaro (BZ), which already distributes Mormaii Eyewear in Italy and Ticino, Switzerland, and wood eyewear FEB31 in Germany and Switzerland.


"In just a few years, the growth of the GEORGE GINA & LUCY brand has been considerable and fast", explained Sales and Marketing Director Pierluigi Capaldo. "It has quickly become a cult brand and created a space for itself in the bags and accessories market to the extent that it now makes and distributes over 1,400,000 bags a year".


"The manufacturers have remained true to their tried-and-tested GG&L concept also for the "Eyewear" line. The sunglasses appeal because of original shapes, bright colors and funky details that are in tune with the motto "everything else is monotonous". The same can be said of the vision models which underscore that any woman who wears a GG&L model is certain to have a strong personality". The eyewear was created primarily for everyday use, whether on an important date or just stocking up on groceries, in a slightly aggressive street-fashion style with a sporty flavor.


Optical stores can evaluate models Eccsentric, Kissee Kiss, Luseefer, Seecret Affair and many more in the special color and shape combos that conjure up the patterns and models of the bags that will be gifted as part of the brand's promotional campaign.