Andrea Del Vecchio S.r.l. incorporates Idee Rosafiamma

The union will lead to the creation of a wider range of products in the luggage, display units and furniture sector

A partnership has recently begun between Idee Rosafiamma S.r.l. and Andrea Del Vecchio S.r.l..


The incorporation of Idee Rosafiamma by Andrea Del Vecchio S.r.l. will enable the company to provide customers with a wider range of products. The new union will make the company one of the market leaders for luggage, display units and furniture.


The partnership has been made possible by the commitment of the two Andrea Del Vecchio S.r.l. partners, Andrea Del Vecchio and Raffaella Marcon, and Nicoletta Parolin, who will be product manager at Andrea Del Vecchio S.r.l.. The companies have decided to join forces so that their combined knowledge will allow them to grow on the market and offer Made in Italy quality and creativity.