Zeiss: vision wellbeing also on ski runs

The company launches ski and snowboard goggles

Carl Zeiss Vision, the optical and optoelectronics industry leader , has launched the first ski and snowboard goggles marketed under the Zeiss brand. This highly innovative product combines the best vision performance and protection in the snow with the excellence and hundred-year-old optical tradition of Zeiss lenses. By using innovative technologies, Carl Zeiss Vision has fitted goggles with ultra-high performance, highly customizable lenses, which have transformed ski and snowboard goggles into a high-tech accessory making life easier and more comfortable for the enthusiasts of these winter sports.


Zeiss goggles

The large collection of ski and snowboard goggles includes 11 models in different colors and with dedicated treatments. This makes it possible to ensure an absolutely precise vision in any weather and light conditions, guaranteeing high standards of vision performance on snow-covered slopes along with eye protection. There are three main models of goggles in 11 color combinations:


-RACER, for men
-ICE QUEEN, unisex
-BOWIE, with interchangeable lenses


To meet the needs of ski and snowboard enthusiasts and deliver vision protection and performance in any situation, Carl Zeiss Vision has created two series of products that will help sports enthusiasts in difficult situations:


-Performance with Flash Electric mirroring for conditions of poor visibility. These pink or orange high-contrast lenses highlight the surface of any obstacles on the ground, while their mirroring features reduce reflections without changing colors;


-Multilayer with Multilayer mirroring for conditions of bright light. The goggles have a gray lens that guarantees protection from reflections and relaxed vision. Natural colors are not changed while the lens mirroring features provide an excellent sun barrier.


Protection and excellence

Carl Zeiss Vision, leading company in the development and manufacture of highly technological and sophisticated optical products, is committed to the research and creation of increasingly innovative, high-performance solutions. This includes the area of precision optical instruments, for which it studies all the aspects of vision and, in particular, seeks the best interaction between the eye and the lens.
In conditions of very bright or very poor light, winter sports enthusiasts expect precise vision and maximum safety.


Zeiss lenses for ski and snowboard goggles therefore guarantee:

? 100% protection from UV rays;
? Reduced prismatic aberration and image distortion thanks to the optical excellence guaranteed by rigorous tests carried out at Carl Zeiss Vision laboratories;
? A range of high-performance colors;
? Shock resistance;
? Extraordinary durability and scratch resistance;
? External base 5.3 spherical lens optical class 1;
? A dual lens system for fog-free vision in any weather conditions.


All Zeiss goggles are fitted with double density foam rubber for a more comfortable fit and durability. The straps have a handy adjustment system that is easy to use, even when wearing ski gloves, while a silicone treatment guarantees greater grip under the helmet. The lenses and the frame are made entirely in Italy. The goggles are distributed exclusively through the optical retail channel.