Zeiss Digital Lenses against digital eye strain

A new category of lenses to meet the needs of 30- to 40-year-olds with the first symptoms of eye strain

In recent years digital devices have become an ever-increasing part of our day-to-day lives. At work and play, computers, smartphones and tablets are among the most common means for interacting with the world. There can be no doubt that each one of them has made radical changes to and simplified the way we behave and communicate, but the same thing cannot be said for our eyes.


Constantly looking at the digital screens of mobile devices, for example, considerably increases the number of times a day that our eyes change from near to long- range focus. Moreover, it is known that even though technology evolves almost daily, texts on mobile devices are not as sharp and legible as those on printed paper and the distance between the eyes and the device tends to be less than the traditional "reading distance".


This activity is particularly demanding on our eye's ciliary muscle, especially for people over the age of 30. Since the crystalline lens loses its natural elasticity, the ciliary muscle compensates by moving more frequently, which leads to eye strain, headache, blurred near and intermediate vision, dry eyes and pain in the neck and shoulders.


Zeiss Digital Lenses are the specific answer to this target's needs, whether they already wear monofocals or whether it is the first time that they have felt the need. Zeiss Digital Lenses were designed with an optimized optical surface to reduce eye strain and help 30- to 40-year-olds to focus more easily. Thanks to very low near vision addition power that can be from 0.5 to 1.25D and a wide, clean area for distance vision, Zeiss Digital Lenses supports the natural behavior of patients with emmetropia or who wear monofocal lenses.


The new Zeiss proposal is not only the first specific response to a requirement of modern life, it is also particularly comfortable throughout the day. All Zeiss Digital Lenses are made with freeform technology and customized in accordance with specific prescriptions by using optimized optical design combined with advanced methods for reducing aberrations to a minimum. A vast range of indices and materials are available to ensure the most suitable product for everyone.


To support optical center sales proposals, Zeiss has made available a simple App for IOS and Android that will test the level of digital eye strain. In just a few simple steps, the App detects focusing ability and the time taken to change from near to long-range focus for a reliable indication of the potential use of Zeiss Digital Lenses. Also coming soon is an App dedicated to end-consumers and a complete communication plan for optical centers that will give the new proposal maximum visibility and attract potential new users.