X-Ide signature colors and stylistic details

A collection with a strong personality characterized by meticulous details

Know-how and all-Italian taste are at the basis of the new X-IDE collection presented by Immagine98 at MIDO14. As always, it is a collection with a strong personality characterized by style and meticulous technical details. With color combinations and the continued use of avant-garde materials, the new collection includes 13 vision models in plastic, metal or combinations, 2 kids' models and 5 models with sun lenses. For a year, the brand's stylistic and technological research has focused on the development of temples with a special sheath in silicone, a material that has excellent qualities and can be used for very amusing creative solutions with the incredible soft touch. In this respect, a step ahead was taken this year with the decision to apply to the temples not just one sheath but three different silicone coatings so that we could play with the resulting color effects. The outcome: eyewear that is always playful, colorful, cheerful and fresh.


Stitching with nylon thread on a steel front is back: a style and color choice in two variants – tone-on-tone for a softer effect or high impact contrasting colors! This hand-stitched eyewear totally conveys a capacity for absolutely unique craftsmanship and the combination of technical ability with artistic talent. Some models incorporate important technology that includes covering metal parts with transparent resin. This completely innovative technique gives the visual effect of metal but the comfort and feel of plastic.


Maximum creative expression – a cross between cubism and design – is found in two new models with several levels of milled plastic that is laminated specifically to obtain the desired color. Unusual and amusing effects are created by this play of levels and colors. The X-IDE collection also makes room for a small series of models dedicated to teens – eyewear in sizes and with calibers that are suitable for smaller faces and in the colors and materials that are most suitable for this age group. The collection is completed with a capsule collection of 5 sun models with strong personalities. Bright colors and details of exceptionally high quality are combined with mirrored or graduated sun lenses that are either tone-on-tone with the frame or in a contrasting color. There's no longer any need to show the logo: X-IDE is instantly recognizable because of its signature details that don't go unnoticed.