With Silhouette Titan Dynamics minimalism is synonymous with uniqueness

The first eyewear in three different versions: rimless, nylon and rimmed

The demands and needs of prescription eyeglass wearers are as unique and personal as their faces. Those who wear prescription glasses want to see well and look good; they want comfort, quality and unique materials for their eyewear.
With the Titan Dynamics series, Silhouette now offers the first range of models in rimless, nylon and rimmed versions.


Silhouette has devoted time and enthusiasm to this project and has channeled all its experience into specific aspects: lightness, the ability to convey positive feelings, and flexibility. "Each part of the glasses must meet a different challenge with regard to strength, flexibility and adaptability. We have been able to meet this challenge by using different materials" said Klaus Schmied, president and joint owner of Silhouette as well as head of research and development. "Silhouette eyewear is never made from only one material but frequently more than eight different synthetic materials are used, latest-generation titanium, or a combination of these" Klaus Schmied underscored.


Titan Dynamics is the first Silhouette eyewear to be available with three different frames – rimless, nylon and rimmed.


The colors and characteristics of the materials emphasize the linear style of Titan Dynamics: a play of transparent and matte surfaces creates contrasts that enhance the uniqueness of each model.