With “Modern Shades” Silhouette adds color to faces

A vibrant collection in various color combinations without neglecting wearer comfort

From Los Angeles to Moscow, the vibrant and pastel colors that dominate store windows and fill columns in fashion magazines convinced Silhouette designers to create a new collection rich in brilliant colors. "In the 12 color combinations of the Modern Shades collection we offer a wide range of models that are very striking, but do not neglect optimum comfort for the wearer, a special feature of Silhouette", stated Arnold Schmied, company co-owner and head of the marketing and sales divisions.


And it isn't only Vogue's fashion gurus who have been convinced by the slogan "Contrasts create excitement – anything goes". Accentuated petroleum, yellow and red underscore freshness, dark purple represents elegance, and white and black are very sophisticated combinations. All these color trends can be found in the 12 Modern Shades models that feature a temple insert in deep and brilliant contrasting colors. This special technique creates a section in the temple which produces an extraordinarily strong shade.


The different combinations in the Modern Shades models are very striking and the frame is as light as a feather: "The frames are made in SPX, a very strong but flexible synthetic material developed specifically by Silhouette for incomparable lightness", said Klaus Schmied, co-owner of Silhouette and head of production.