With Lara D' choose color in all its forms

The brand's stylistic choices focus on color as the expression of a state of mind

The collection of frames with the Lara D' label stems from Belluno architect Lara D'Alpaos' desire to find a product that would stand out in the fashion world.


The study of color is the central element of her stylistic choices and is perceived as the expression of a state of mind that changes with the seasons, emotions and personal development. Molded by the creative flair of the designer who dismantles and reassembles them in textures and combinations that are always different, colors become unusual shapes that enhance the image of the wearer. The result is contemporary Italian Style with a philosophy based on non-standardization.


Special attention is paid to product ethics through promoting the use of certified eco-sustainable materials made by EMS-GRIVORY Switzerland, which guarantee low impact on the environment and respect for nature.


Lara D' is already available in the United States, Canada, Germany, Sweden¸ Switzerland and Turkey and has now increased its presence on the Italian market through an important distribution collaboration with Muller 32 Srl.