Vuarnet: a glance at the new models

The brand's new sun and unisex proposals

At Mido 2013, Vuarnet, the legendary and prestigious French brand that has always been a part of the sports universe, presented its new sun and unisex models of extremely high quality. All the models by the Parisian brand have technological lenses in mineral glass and thanks to the color of the filter and special mirroring, they offer maximum eye safety, comfort and protection as well as sharp, clear vision. A special chemical treatment also makes them shockproof and scratchproof to ensure durability. To meet the most varied needs, Vuarnet recommends: "CITYLYNX" lenses for the city, legendary "SKILYNX" for skiing and trips to the mountains, "NAUTILUX" for the ocean and beach, and "PX 2000" or "PX 3000" for everyday wear.


White unisex models VL1302 and VL1303, both in acetate, feature the French flag along the upper part of the temples in the black and blue versions, a symbol of French quality and elegance that the Vuarnet brand has epitomized since its origins. Another shared and absolutely new characteristic is a slimmer and lighter lens for unrivaled comfort.


Also available are models in matte black, legend black, legend blue, white and classic tortoiseshell. Model VL1302 also comes with "CITYLYNX" lenses in gray for perfect perception of city colors and lights, whereas the blue/silver shading effectively protects the eyes from the sun's rays and reflections from the ground.


Model VL1303 has "SKILYNX" mineral glass lenses and is particularly indicated for skiing. The slightly pearly finish of the ivory-colored frame is enhanced by gold lenses and is recommended for anyone who is more technically and stylistically demanding. The exclusive "yellow/green" lens significantly improves vision of the slopes and increases brightness when visibility is poor.


The proposal with the double shading and silver mirroring is especially suitable for sunny days because it provides effective protection from the midday sun and reflections from the ground. Another new Vuarnet product is iconic model VL0113, a modern version of the historic model 113 which contributed to Vuarnet's international success: "back to the future".


Like the original version, this sophisticated but sporty unisex model is made in nylon and has Vuarnet's "SKILYNX" mineral glass lenses that are slimmer and lighter to ensure optimum comfort. This model also comes with the exclusive "yellow/green" lenses and is particularly suitable for skiing, even when the sky is overcast because it improves vision of the slopes and increases brightness. The model is available in matte black, metallic gray, taupe and dark blue.


Vuarnet also proposes the so-called "ultra V" models VL1304-VL1305, both in acetate. Ultra-chic, they feature a modern and elegant reinterpretation of the letter "V" on the front of the frame. Retro-inspired model VL1307 has slim temples and a double bridge and is made in nylon, a lightweight material that makes the eyewear really comfortable. Model VL1308, also in nylon, is the epitome of French elegance. Both Vuarnet models play with contrasting glossy and matte colors on the inside and outside of the eyewear. All Vuarnet lenses are distinguished by the discreetly elegant engraved letter "V", a sign of the authenticity of this prestigious and unique eyewear.