Vanni celebrates twentieth birthday

Nico-Design unveils a line of gem-accessories created especially for the anniversary

It's a twentieth-birthday gift from the Turin brand. A line of accessories made with the acetates that were used to create the most original Vanni collections over the years.


"Seasoned" for twenty years, the sheets of noble cellulose acetate with exclusive Vanni patterns have been used to create a collection of geometrical-pendant eyewear holders and cuffs that will be sold with the frames at major optical distributors.


The Vanni story: original materials for a vintage soul in a contemporary style.


The future of Vanni is Blade, the line made from the new and exclusive block-acetate plate with a heart pendant. The material is cut into tiny parts and then compacted into thousands of pearly chips in dominant hues of red/anthracite and lime against a transparent background.