Valentino: contemporary essence in contrasts

New balance for the romanticism that has always been associated with the couturier's spirit

Contemporary essence in contrasts. A fusion of styles. For today's woman, Valentino creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli blend gentleness with strength, the past with the present. The romanticism that has always been associated with the couturier's spirit has reached a new balance: a dimension that is both ethereal and decisive. The January 2012 launch of the Valentino Eyewear collection is consistent with this approach: to create a strong system of signs. Craftsmanship and couture savoir faire are, as always, the prominent features. Aesthetics and technique intertwine because there cannot be innovation without memory.
Vintage shapes, decisive profiles and high-voltage contrasts characterize the Valentino Eyewear collection for spring/summer 2012. And also the iconic elements of Valentino's vocabulary according to Chiuri and Piccioli: lace, precise but feminine lines, studs. The first is just visible in the transparent acetate, a shadow of color; studs and injected metal emphasize the profiles of the lenses. Iconic and incisive, the V is either a functional element or a distinguishing detail. Generous shapes with sinuous or architectural profiles. The highest expression of design and craftsmanship, the collection has a vast repertoire of possibilities.



New balance for lines and decorations in a vintage-inspired model that is an anthem to femininity. Lace details hidden in the bridge and temples create delicately diffused shadows. Available in gray, brown and Bordeaux.



The rhythmical arrangement of small luminous studs along the brow arch emphasizes the profile of this acetate model with large, square lenses. On the temple, the iconic V logo is also a functioning hinge.


A small gem of design where a decisive shape emphasizes contrasting materials. Polished studs line the wraparound front piece; the side protections are injected. Slim metal temples have injected end pieces with a metal V. Available in black and in combinations of black/gray, Havana/brown, Havana/gold.



A slender chromed metal line runs along the top profile to create the iconic V on the bridge of this injected model with generous, round lenses. Available in black, gold Havana, dark Havana, ivory Havana and red, it features subtly contrasting curved lines and sharp corners.