Unique collab between Theo and FACTORY900

For the first time, the Belgian eyewear label Theo and the Japanese label FACTORY900 will be jointly releasing two models in a limited edition

FACTORY900 is a small, practically artisanal Japanese manufacturer with a highly original technique for giving volume to plastic frames. Whereas the traditional technique involves adhering multiple plates of plastic to create volume, FACTORY900 is able to shape the standard plates in moulds and then finish them on a 5-axis CNC milling machine. theo simply fell in love with this technique.


The 'Onassis'-glasses and similar 'wrap around' frames were the point of departure. Beautiful, but deadly. That's because peripheral vision is blocked almost completely. In fact, driving in these glasses should be against the law. And since theo thinks it's pretty useful to be able to see other vehicles out of the corner of your eye, the sides of these frames have been left open.


Patrick Hoet got to work and designed 2 models. Kamikaze, a forceful, rectilinear men's model and Samurai, a more rounded women's model. Many kamikaze pilots believed that dying for Japan and their emperor was very honourable. They saw themselves much like the samurai of the Middle Ages, brave Japanese warriors. These 2 Japanese words need no translation as they are common in many other languages. The frames are made from gorgeous Japanese acetate. The style is contemporary but they could certainly hold their own in the future! Good-looking frames that let you look left and right. Each model comes in 8 colours.