Ugo Cacciatori presents first eyewear collection

Italian creativity, evergreen shapes and top-level craftsmanship are the key elements of the line by the famous jewelry designer

Italian creativity, evergreen shapes and unparalleled craftsmanship. These are the key elements of the first line of eyewear by successful jewelry designer Ugo Cacciatori, who has a wealth of experience and is making his official debut in the world of eyewear. "I didn't want to create simple (or complicated) sun and vision eyewear," – he explained - "but, rather, accessories for the face that are made with the same care as my jewelry line".


The collection expresses the typical Italian tradition of deceptively simple elegance and strong personality. "Our artisans' precision combined with excellent materials produce unprecedented objects that are also stylistically evocative" - Ugo Cacciatori commented. Eyewear with character that does not need a logo to be recognized: detail, handcrafted silver and textures unmistakably identify the designer's work.


"As for jewelry, I select the most beautiful natural stones and also in this case I wanted to choose all the materials - from frames to lenses to the leather used for the cases - to achieve the very best results without compromises." Thanks to the collaboration with Mazzucchelli 1849, the world leader for the production of cellulose acetate, only M49 was used, an organic biodegradable polymer made from cotton and wood-pulp fibers. The frames, including those combined with silver, are completely recyclable to meet the designer's requests and offer the market an environmentally-friendly solution. For the lenses, only tempered, shockproof glass has been used. Guaranteed by Barberini, the photochromic and polarized versions both have anti-reflective treatment and give total protection from UV and infrared rays.


The silver models at the top of the range have combined photochromic, polarized and shaded lenses. The purity of the glass confirms the consistent use of natural materials, thus ensuring the best technical characteristics and durability. The frames and lens holders in AG925 silver and the innovative screw system in the all-acetate models were made by the same laboratories that work with Ugo Cacciatori on the development and production of the jewelry line.


Their artisan experience in the delicate stages of preparing models and wax molds, making complex fusion of large and theoretically fragile elements, tempering metal, finishing typical oxidations, and polishing all items always by hand has led to creations that were never possible before: a front and temples made completely of precious metal, even AU375 gold in the special series, with the possibility of personalizing each model with inlaid diamonds.


Once again, Ugo Cacciatori's language has pushed the limits to create a collection that, despite being mass-produced, preserves all the handcrafting that makes each model unique, the expression of real Made in Italy that overcomes technicalities to make every pair a small work of art.