Two new models for “Blackfin Vintage like”

Pramaor rounds off the collection with two new "color scratched" glasses complete with Swordfish endpiece

A big comeback for the popular Blackfin label "vintage like" collection, successfully launched at Mido 2012. These original creations of vintage inspiration combine the allure of an intriguing past with the futuristic notes of the most innovative technology.


For spring, Pramaor rounds off the range with two new models flaunting "scratched" colours, created through a precise and entirely manual process that makes each pair a genuinely one-off article. Available in five exclusive colourways, the frames in raw titanium are initially coated with a dark ground that forms the base for the processing. After this, the article is subjected to a light abrasion using a wheel that removes part of the ground, producing a scratched effect without cutting into the metal. The final appearance is then created through the use of translucent colours in different shades (brown, red, pink, green) which are used to coat the frame while highlighting the treatment beneath. These colours are joined by an exclusive variation: the "natural scratched" titanium, which shows off the material selected for the collection to supreme perfection.


The Blackfin 670 La Rochelle model features an ultra-feminine "cat's eye" frame of extreme elegance that combines the lightness of titanium with a sophisticated play of colours between the inside and outside of the glasses. Alongside traditional shades such as white and black, or the more daring shocking pink, Pramaor also stakes on the "scratched" effect interpreted in warm tones like dark chocolate brown or a sophisticated sea green.
For the male public Blackfin has come up with the 671 Clearwater model, a modern revamping of the classic Pantos. The vintage aura is underscored by the scratched effect finish on the stems and front pieces through the addition of colours such as brown and dark red, or by enhancing the natural scratched look of the titanium.


Novel colours, ultrafine thicknesses, keyhole nose bridges and pierced ends are not the only elements that reveal a major attention to technical details within the collection. The new Blackfin models also feature the innovative SWORDFISH endpiece, unique of its kind. It is named after the core shaped like a swordfish bone that can be clearly seen in semitransparency as a result of the use of the precious translucent Kraiburg rubber with its comfortable soft touch. The novel SWORDFISH endpiece actually delivers "three eyeglasses in one", since the "pre-scheduled break" system means that the optician can – even manually – adapt the original 145 mm length of the stem. In three simple moves, one or two sections of the core and the endpiece can be removed, adjusting the length of the stem to 140 or 135 mm respectively in just a few seconds.