Tonino Lamborghini at Mido with Dolce Vita

A new collection inspired by the eyewear worn by Italian movie stars and international VIPs in Rome during the legendary Sixties

The International Optical, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition was the setting for the premiere of "Dolce Vita", the Tonino Lamborghini Eyewear inspired by the eyewear worn by the stars of great Italian movies and international VIPs in Rome during the Dolce Vita , the legendary Sixties, to shade their charm with mystery and protect their eyes from the dazzling flashes of paparazzi cameras.
The frame in solid black acetate is among the best selected by Mazzucchelli, a prestigious company in the sector.


The classic rectangular front is slightly rounded to improve field of vision. The leitmotif of the collection is the temple decoration inspired by the door hinge on sports cars of the period, a distinctive Tonino Lamborghini Eyewear "signature" on every model. The winged version of the "charging bull" shield is used here as a reminder of the sports cars of the Dolce Vita.


Also presented at Mido was a Tonino Lamborghini digital marketing project that launched a 2.0-dedicated web series. The online international casting that Tonino Lamborghini began last year to find a web testimonial for the brand led to the production of five episodes about "La Dolce Vita" and the "Italian Style", focusing on five moments in a typical day: waking up, breakfast, shopping, happy hour and evening.
The participants were attracted by the invitation to have a "Roman holiday" at the city's most exclusive clubs, hotels and boutiques.


The winner, the Norwegian Anders Kjensli, was a guest at a historical hotel in Rome and wore Tonino Lamborghini casual apparel, the brand's latest watch model, "Spyder", and wooden eyewear "1947". A "style investiture" that opened the doors of the city's best restaurants and the hottest spots on the Roman "club scene" to the casting winner. And of course everything with the right "Style Never Sleeps" mood of the Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink.


The web series is the last project of a 2.0 communication in the real meaning of the term, which encompasses the soul of the brand and conveys the Tonino Lamborghini lifestyle.
The Tonino Lamborghini Group, a genuine "creative workshop" with a Style Center headed by Mr. Lamborghini himself, is increasingly oriented towards an innovative and original digital strategy centering on an international campaign that reiterates the dual soul of the brand: classic and eternal Italian style and technological modernity expressed in premium design products.