Titan Minimal Art – The Icon: the evolution of tradition

The charm of dynamism meets the comfort of lightness

When you have created something extraordinary it is difficult to surprise yourself by doing it again and also improving the previous performance. But that is the strength of Silhouette: thanks to intuition and daring, it renews itself constantly while always respecting the high performance levels of its eyewear.


This is how The Icon, the new model in the Titan Minimal Art collection, was conceived with an absolutely original design, symbol of a renewed promise.


Featuring no frame, hinges and screws, it weighs only 1.8 g. Virtually and physically it can be described as the "weightless" Silhouette eyewear due to its enviable comfort and total wearability. These exclusive characteristics make it the only eyewear astronauts have worn on 35 missions to outer space.


When the company presented Titan Minimal Art in 1999, it was a genuine revolution in the sector. Since then, a series of collections has been created with the distinctive and immediately recognizable rimless feature and very quickly the eyewear took on 'cult status'. Approximately nine million enthusiasts have worn and enjoyed the unique qualities of Titan Minimal Art and have made it a symbol of style and a revolutionary icon in the history of eyewear.


Perfection and attention to detail have always distinguished the spirit and style of Gerard Fuchs, the designer of the Titan Minimal Art collection, who has conveyed the intrinsic properties of Silhouette eyewear to make it timeless. For example, the end of the elongated temple consists of two parts and the result is visible: lightness combined with an attractive design guarantee unlimited field of vision.


The new Titan Minimal Art – The Icon is no exception. It embodies the best performance the brand can offer: high quality standards, attention to details and the ability of never ceasing to surprise by taking advantage of experience to achieve the maximum level.


Silhouette also means research and experimentation. Years ago, it revolutionized eyewear by using high-tech titanium, an extremely flexible and durable material that is also skin-friendly because it is non-allergic and its properties remain unaltered day after day. In its new, dynamic look, titanium alloy is extremely light, highly flexible and crushproof. It also emphasizes the flexible folding zone and highlights a clean design without looking too severe.


Softtouch temple ends in SPX for all-round comfort are the perfect combination for the new Titan Minimal Art – The Icon.


Naturally, the wide range of coatings and colors from classic to avant-garde also enhances the models.
Lastly, modern contrasts between the high-quality finishes of the metal temples and the extraordinary effects of the two-color temple end give the models a dynamic touch, whereas the classic, minimalist-inspired design of the original continues to appeal. Like all Silhouette collections, the models are made in Austria and include over 200 stages of excellent work.