The new bespoke eyewear by Alessandro Martorana

The famous Turin tailor is partnered by Italia-Independent

For his new line of design eyewear, famous Turin tailor Alessandro Martorana has chosen Italia-Independent, the creative and stylish brand founded by Lapo Elkann, and specifically the I-wear 2012 collection's top model 090, the reinterpretation of an iconic form of Italian eyewear.


In this project, the model style has evolved and has been revisited to reveal its more sartorial side. Personalized with a covering of precious fabrics in pure AM style, the frame aims to fulfill a desire for an object that is totally unique and created piece by piece, exactly to the client's specifications. Temples, lenses, fabrics and colors are all designed to suit the day's mood or style of apparel.


With attention to detail and sought-after materials, the model's clean lines are updated and transformed into classic choices, where more neutral colors like gray and beige are coming back, or equally classy but more decisive choices such as Prince of Wales, hound's tooth, stripes, and so on...


Alessandro Martorana eyewear is available by order only from the AM atelier in Milan or Turin.