The brand’s 35 years of experience with denim in Diesel Denimize

An extraordinary new line of eyewear produced in partnership with Marcolin

Inspired by the cult brand's experience in denim casual wear, the new Diesel Denimize Eyewear line produced in collaboration with Marcolin features denim inserts.
But it is no ordinary denim. The fabric is made in Europe and each section is taken from the thickest and most tangible part of the fabric before being manually inserted in the temples. This unique artisan approach to the eyewear market means that every pair is slightly different, in the same way that no two pairs of jeans are the same color or shade.


The Diesel Denimize collection includes three vision and two sun frames. The vision frames are in acetate with denim inserts in the temples and a choice of a black front and gray denim temple inserts or a dark Havana front with blue denim temple inserts.
Henry is a rectangular, decisive frame with pronounced temples for men. Alex is a unisex model with a higher, square frame and rounded edges for an open, distinctive look. Lee is a round unisex frame with quirky teacher flavor.


The two sun models are in acetate and present a range of color combinations. The first is Madison, a unisex/men's frame in a classic Fifties style with a contemporary finish. Color choices include a mix of black and crystal with gray lenses and denim; polished tortoiseshell with brown lenses and blue denim; brown Havana and polished aquamarine with lenses and denim in gray; polished opal yellow with green lenses and blue denim.


The second type is Claudia, a retro-futuristic cat-eye frame for women. It has four color combos to choose from: matte-polished black with photochromic lenses and denim in gray; matte-polished Havana with brown photochromic lenses and gray denim; purple/polished black with brown photochromic lenses and blue denim; polished opal yellow with brown photochromic lenses and blue denim.
Diesel's DNA is also reflected in the all-denim case created for this collection of vision and sun frames.