The birth of Yobe: Your Beautiful Eyes

A new concept brand in the optical world

Giacomo Toscani's experience in the world of optics and fashion led to the creation of the newest concept brand in the optical world: Yobe, an acronym formed from Your Beautiful Eyes. Brand identity is due to FutureBrand, which collaborated on the development of products, collections, packaging, illustrations and graphics.


The agency also collaborated with studio Maat on the preparation of the first concept store on Corso Vercelli, Milan, where visiting an optical store is an emotional and engaging experience. The retail concept combines an original presentation of products with a consultancy service, where medical and aesthetical aspects work in synergy to give optimal results.


FutureBrand and Liquid also created the institutional and e-commerce website (, in addition to a social platform for Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, with tutorials, practical and style advice, and information about exhibitions and events.