The arrival of tattooed eyewear

The stylistic harmony of Opposit, Agatha Menegaz and Guè Pequeno inspired Tattoo Map

TM503S14, the model chosen by Guè, has the same tattoos as the ones on the rapper's body, a highly original Opposit TATTOO Map version by Aghy's.


Italian rapper and record producer, leader of hip hop group Club Dogo (famous for many hits like P.E.S., Chissenefrega, Tutto ciò che ho, Ciao Ciao, Freddezza, Si Sboccia) and Dogo Gang, Guè has performed at the best live clubs in Italy where he gained fame, fans and mainstream spaces.


Through her company Aghy's, Agatha Menegaz, a creative designer and entrepreneur from Verona who creates highly personalized articles of furnishing and fashion accessories, has worked with Opposit - the independent brand of eyewear that represents freedom to be - on the creation of a unique customization of the brand's iconic sun model.