SoSoft sunglasses by Tecnochic: they float and can be twisted

The temples applied to the frame offer multiple color combinations

Tecnochic has launched SoSoft: a collection of modular sunglasses that float, a totally innovative product that can be twisted without suffering any damage whatsoever. Extremely lightweight and colorful, SoSoft is the perfect eyewear for giving protection from sunlight with a decidedly fashionable and trendy appeal.


The SoSoft polycarbonate anti-UV and scratchproof lenses are hard-coated on both sides and are inserted in a frame and temples made from high-density expanded EVA, a special, soft and flexible material. This means that the eyewear can float, be folded, be twisted and then return perfectly to its original shape without any damage.


Unusually "modular", the SoSoft temples applied to the frame offer multiple color combinations thanks to six different hues.


Every pair of sunglasses is supplied with two pairs of temples, one in the same color as the frame and the other in a contrasting color. They come in a pouch that can be worn round the neck and used subsequently to hold different kinds of objects, even at the beach, since it is transparent and waterproof.