Silhouette Titan Sculpture: the utmost dynamism in design

A marriage between elegance and freedom for a modern client base focused on technology and design content

A creative design full of personality and style that mirrors the spirit of our time. Vitality, dynamism and energy are combined in a marriage between elegance and freedom for a modern client base focused on technology and design content. These are the strong points of the Silhouette Titan Sculpture collection.


Silhouette Titan Sculpture glasses are synonymous with 3D design and the finest quality, thanks to the use of hi-tech materials and a painstaking attention to detail.
The perfect combination of innovation and excellence in the manual production process. The high level of wearability is made possible thanks to the combined use of two hi-tech materials in the making of the arms: titanium and SPX.
The contrast between the sophisticated internal and external faceting enhances the 3D design of these models, while the SPX provides maximum comfort to the wearer.


The design reflects the energy and vitality of a client base who knows exactly what they want. Classic yet stylish, the models of this range, available in six different colour variations, are designed to last for a long time thanks to their unique style, which makes them break out of the fashion mould and set a new trend.


"In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges in the design field is to achieve the perfect shape and, at the same time, continue to broaden the horizons of what is technically feasible. It is when we find the magical meeting point between high-grade materials, perfect lines and absolute engineering precision that we are able to fully express our lofty ambitions in terms of functionality and aesthetics", says the designer Martin Preuer-Lackner.


The design of the Titan Sculpture collection reflects the philosophy of the Silhouette brand, combining the essential minimalism and the timeless elegance with strict quality criteria. The artisanal production process is combined with innovation to bring to life a new design that conveys personality, durability and maximum dynamism. The high quality of the "made in Austria" production process, divided into several stages and 80% of which is hand-crafted, ensures the compliance with the strict standards of perfection that make Silhouette glasses simply unique.