Silhouette presents Titan Impressions

Minimalism with style and innovation

Simple shapes reduced to the essentials combined with unmistakable lightness: this could be a description of the minimalism that characterizes our century. Whereas the minimalist style of the '90s tended to be cold, hand crafting, natural looking materials, individuality, warm colors and soft surfaces have now given it new impulse.


Anyone who wears Titan Impressions by Silhouette is extremely knowledgeable about the choice he or she has made. Austrian design, almost 80% handmade, and particularly oriented toward individual needs. This combination of universality and individuality make Titan Impressions the perfect everyday accessory for men and women. "My idea was to create a pair of glasses that could be worn from morning to night, without being a weight" stated Gerhard Fuchs, the designer of the Titan Impressions collection.


Materials and colors with strong accents are used intentionally. Hinges that emphasize the contrast between matte and polished effects, the combination of high-tech titanium and SPX, and the very visible interaction of colors like black-red, purple-green and gold-white. The small structures inside the hinges are a pleasant surprise.