Silhouette presents the new line of jewel eyewear

Light Attraction, Powerlight and Magic Wings are the models in the Crystal collection

Ever since jewels have been in existence they have been a status symbol, an expression of the wearer's personality and taste. For many years, jewelry mainly consisted of necklaces and bracelets, earrings or rings. But nothing is capable of drawing attention to face in the same way as eyes. They are what we notice first when we look at a face and the light in them can be emphasized by a pair of glasses.


Thanks to Silhouette, people who wear glasses can transform this everyday accessory into a jewel: Light Attraction and Magic Wings are two versions for women, whereas Powerlight is the version for men. The features the three models share are luxurious Swarovski crystals inserted in very lightweight, high-tech titanium frames. Each collection comes in classic silver, gold and a more whimsical color.


The models are the perfect complement at work or for an elegant evening. Personal styles can be played with because of the colors of the frames and the different ways in which the crystals are cut. "A slight tilt of the head or sunlight on the face is enough to create the refraction that makes the decorative elements in the new Silhouette collection magical", said Silhouette designer Angela Strecker who specializes in the creation of luxury eyewear.