Shifters and Spokes are new models from X-Ide

Silicone and color for the brand's new creations

Shifters and Spokes are two new models that feature innovative temples made in silicone, a non-allergic, breathable and biocompatible material that is also very pleasant to the touch. Shifters has a stainless steel front and Spokes is characterized by a front in acetate coated with a special paint that gives the frame a particularly innovative "soft touch" effect.


The silicone sheath applied to the temples becomes a tool for experimenting with creativity and personalizing every model. The temple can be turned easily and simply to show a different color and even change its shape.


This means that fun effects can be created because the frame can be in more than one color: on the outside of the sheath, on the inside, with alternating colors and multi-colors, simply by twisting the sheath for an amusing candy effect. As befits X-IDE tradition, all the colors are bright and fun. For every day amazement at every glance.