Rye&Lye: the elegance of the finest details

Past and future combined in the new collection presented in Paris over the last few days

The intertwining of leather, a touch of velvet, a wooden insert... unusual details expressing a subtle elegance. The new Rye&Lye frames reflect the style of this brand that has been able to win over the general public with its distinctive character.


The past meets the future following a "future retro" vision where traditional elements and classical shapes are reinterpreted with a modern twist. Half-way between art and design, Rye&Lye frames are designed for those who live luxury as an intimate sensation, an authentic and personal expression of their character, in a totally unpretentious manner.


The search for all-Italian excellence manifests itself in the use of natural materials that are skilfully crafted to bring to life real objects of design: experimentation and technology manage to shape the frame lines thus transforming them into small jewels of original creativity and precious design, such as in the Aida model, a sophisticated female frame where the classic 50s' "cat-eye" shape is modernised by the application of velvet to the arms and front.


The Swala women's model, reproposed with new contrasting acetate colours also conceals an original detail: a zebra-striped print fabric applied to the inside of the arms and drawing inspiration from the African savannah theme by Alessandra Soresina, the outstanding photographer, biologist and journalist who has been living for years in close contact with this continent and the lions that inhabit its land.