Rye&Lye collection inspired by Italian art

Raphael, Titian, Giotto ... the new models are named after prestigious artists

Made in Italy craftsmanship in the eyewear world. The search for excellence through particular combinations of materials: wood, aluminum, leather, rubber, carbon, fabric. The perfect combination of creativity and technology, the past and the future.


This is the essence of RYE&LYE, the Immagine 98 collection dedicated to trendsetting consumers who make informed choices. The models in the new collection reinforce this bond between the past and the future, between art and technology. Models that are inspired by the great personalities of Italian art: from Titian to Raphael, from Giotto to Leonardo Da Vinci ... all extraordinary artists.


Like a skillful artisan, RYE&LYE creates small masterpieces in eyewear: quintessentially perfect objects. The style office headed by Tiziano Tabacchi expertly chooses and uses materials of the future and applies them to classical eyewear shapes.


It has created such models as Caravaggio, Botticelli or Mantegna, small works of art that pay homage to the exemplary nature of these sublime Italian artists. Italian like RYE&LYE, in spirit and expression.