Rodenstock: Multigressiv MyView® customized progressive lenses

Pleasing and able to adapt to the wearer's eyes

Our eyes will not have to adapt to lenses any longer because lenses will adapt to our eyes. This is the premise with which Rodenstock, the historical German brand, is proud to present the new customized progressive lenses, Multigressiv MyView® 2, for rediscovering the pleasure of seeing well, always and at any distance.


Customized solutions that guarantee the widest fields of vision, irrespective of the prescription, with an increase of up to 25% in near and intermediate vision and close-up vision acuity of up to 1/10; this customization also takes into consideration the most perfect adaptation of the lens curve to the frame for the best esthetic results and improved shape stability.


The two main innovations in the second generation of products in the Excellence segment are the application of the EyeModel optimization and the possibility of customizing the base curve in steps of 0.50 diopters, a feature that until recently was possible only in the Perfection segment.


Multigressiv MyView® 2 is an internal progression freeform lens available with three different progression channels (L, M, XS) and optimized design of the entire optical component of the prescription, both monocularly and binocularly, which completely eliminates the base curve effect typical of semi-finished progressive lenses.


Along with the powers for distance and the addition, inset optimization also takes into consideration the monocular distance between the pupils for long-distance vision in order to optimize the fields of vision: more distance between the pupils requires greater convergence effort for close-up vision compared to a shorter distance between the pupils.


Thanks to the wide range of materials, lenses can be pleasing, slim and light, irrespective of prescription powers. Refractive errors also with spherical and cylindrical powers and/or mid-high additions, prismatic prescriptions, interpupil distances of less than 62 mm or more than 66 mm are no longer a problem with Multigressiv MyView® 2.


Multigressiv MyView® 2, a 100% concentration of German engineering technology, and a professional direction in accordance with the Better Vision Method represent the combined expertise of the company and the eye care professional, with a focus on vision wellbeing so that wearers can say "I've never seen so well".