Quiksilver by Vuerich B: an eco-friendly project in support of NGO Skateistan

50 pairs of unique eyewear made by hand from old skateboard parts

Javier Mendizabal, a professional skateboarder in the Team Quiksilver, is responsible for bringing together the Huntington Beach brand and Vuerich B, a brand of young, smart and eco-friendly sunglasses based in Barcelona, the Mecca of European skateboarding.


"Everything happened naturally ... From the first time I met Baptiste of Vuerich B in Barcelona to the development of sunglasses made from used skateboards to the presentation of the collaboration to Quiksilver and the launch of the project for supporting Skateistan in Cambodia... This is why the project speaks for itself: design, respect for the environment and passion", Javier explained.
The result of the collaboration was the creation of a limited series of 50 pairs of Quiksilver's eyewear model "The Griffin", a new version of which was made by Vuerich B with a special frame handmade from parts of old skateboards that could no longer be used for their original purpose.


Real masters of woodworking, the artisans at Vuerich B were involved in a technical operation that required hours and hours of careful work.
The strong but flexible wood used for skateboards is a malleable material that is particularly suitable for making eyewear. The colorful graphic designs on the boards were transformed into original patterns that make each pair of sunglasses unique and unrepeatable. Natural shading is given by the layer of resin on the boards, with the possibility of combining an infinite number of colors.


Carl Zeiss, the leading producer of top quality lenses, joined the project and supplied Quiksilver and Vuerich B with CR39 polarized lenses that are synonymous with purity, stability and comfort.


Each of the 50 exclusive pairs in the limited edition is the result of over 5 hours of craftsmanship. They will be numbered by hand and come with a Polaroid of the skateboard that was used to make them and information about the owner/skateboarder.


As well as paying considerable attention to eco-compatibility by making eyewear from recycled skateboards, Quiksilver and Javier Mendizabal were adamant that the Vuerich B project should be linked to the non-profit aspect.
Javier's two great passions, skateboarding and photography, have taken him to numerous countries around the world. During his travels, he was able to see for himself how much children and teenagers love skateboarding, but also how some of them did not have the opportunity to practice it.


When Quiksilver suggested to Javier Mendizabal that he support the non-governmental association Skateistan by taking part in the Vuerich B project, his enthusiasm was immediate.


For every pair of sunglasses bought, Quiksilver will donate a part of the proceeds to Skateistan in support of the skateboard educational program in Cambodia.