Pramaor: titanium and acetate Blackfin protagonists

Presented at Mido were two original frames featuring fronts in acetate and temples in ultra-flexible beta-titanium

The custodian of a heritage that has always given primary importance to minimalism, lightness, experimenting and quality, the Blackfin brand returned to Mido with a new collection that favors two materials: titanium and acetate. After introducing models with softer shapes and in a wide range of colors at the previous edition of this important international appointment, Pramaor now confirms this trend with a collection that is even more contemporary and techno-vintage.


The new proposals by the Agordo-based company begin with the introduction of two original frames with generous, extremely modern shapes featuring a front in acetate and ultra-flexible temples in beta-titanium. The Blackfin 656 Burray and Blackfin 657 Lerwick models have the characteristic features of the brand but, compared to the past, they are more streamlined thanks to the reduced thickness of the front and sides. It is the first time that the company has used a 6mm-thick sheet instead of the usual 8 as the basis for its creations in titanium. The result is a lighter and more flexible structure, a characteristic that is particularly evident in the temples made from beta-titanium.


The acetate front, a distinctive feature of the new frames, gives the eyewear an elegant and unusual aesthetical balance that is made even more refined by the numerous color variations. Blackfin 656 Burray and Blackfin 657 Lerwick come in classic colors like black, brown, red or dark purple, but the original contrasting effects are more than ever present in the matte colors of temples enhanced by satin-finish titanium. Design, creative research and maximum attention to detail: appearing for the first time in the Pramaor collection are adjustable, 0.5mm-thick beta-titanium nose pads on the acetate front. Extremely fine and totally adjustable, the new patented inserts have soft, comfortable PVC tags that are designed to adapt the eyewear to individual needs. Always attentive to market developments, the company has also added a technical detail that will be appreciated not only by local and European markets, but also by the Asian market. Because the unique nose pads are extremely adjustable, the eyewear is a perfect fit also for Asian facial features.


The elegance of acetate makes way for the lightness, flexibility and delicate minimalism of titanium in the three new models, Blackfin 667 Freeport, Blackfin 668 Saint Malo and Blackfin 669 Brest.
The new vintage-inspired creations combine the allure of times gone by with the futuristic traits of the most innovative technology: fineness, a key-shaped bridge and perforated nose pieces conjure up the riveted hinges of the last century, but the ultra-light, 2mm-thick pure titanium fronts and the lowered temples in 0.5mm-thick beta-titanium create eyewear that unites comfort and design.
The contrast theme is again the protagonist with the introduction of new colors both inside and outside the innovative frames. Creative color combo for Blackfin 667 Freeport where the top bar of the front is in black and the lower rim is in shiny titanium, while for Blackfin 668 Saint Malo the mood is vintage with colors like brown combined with matte silver. Lastly, a more delicate and softer retro hint for Blackfin 669 Brest in pastel colors like light blue and pale lilac.


The stylistic evolution of Pramaor's Blackfin brand has been joined by a new advertising campaign that underscores all the brand's characteristics and versatility. In further support of the heritage of values associated with its premium house brand, Pramaor of Agorda has created a new website that not only recounts the story behind the new campaign and products, but also includes a dedicated section – 53 steps to perfection – with a video close-up of the 53 steps for frame conception, creation and production.