Pollipò presents Stereo eyewear

Creative flows that breathe life into products recognizable for their original combinations

Like stereophonic technology based on the ability to hear where sounds are coming from, Pollipò's imagination animates new creative flows in eyewear. As music diffusion by stereo speakers, its eyewear is the symbolic propagation of vibrant styles via the shape of the two lenses.


Like sounds, the creative flows spread and breathe life into products that are recognized by the public for their original combinations.


Rhinestones and small metal pins meet in the decisive and elegant outline of model P532, entirely made by hand from sheet acetate.


The intentional pantoscopic shape is designed to make its iconic and appealing power even more exciting.


For everyday-wear to complete a casual-chic look or as part of a personal party style, it will attract attention with its distinctive refinement.


The rediscovery of gestural expressiveness: a hand gracefully removing the eyewear from the face and placing it in a real leather case that designer Paola Costantini always includes to complete and "dress" all her pure Italian artisan creations.