Patty Paillette: attractive color and print combinations

The brand's key words are uniqueness and originality

The Patty Paillette design revolution turns eyewear into a cult accessory, a must-have for expressing personality.
This is the vision of Patrizia Shelabarger, the multi-talented design and fashion professional who created Patty Paillette, eyewear with a retro flavor and patterns that feature exclusive prints and customized sheets in innovative colors.


Made entirely by hand in Italy and with Zeiss sun and vision lenses, Patty Paillette eyewear is meant to be noticed and makes the wearer look 10 years younger.


Available in attractive color and print combinations, the eyewear in the Patty Paillette collection has special names like Mina, Principessa, Patty, Nina, Diana, Paillette, Rock and Lennon.


There are numerous patterns to choose from: designs inspired by Japanese kimono prints, multicolor stripes, micro and macro flowers, polka dots, bright two-color combos.


Oval, round, butterfly, cat eye: the ultra-colorful, trendy frames are an anthem to originality and conjure up the shapes of the '60s and '70s with decorated silhouettes and temples in unconventional shapes.


The exclusive prints are sealed in a coating of acetate and every pair of glasses comes in ad hoc packaging.
Attention to detail, elegance, exceptional design and color combinations make the Patty Paillette world and eyewear unique. All versions are on sale in such major international eyewear boutiques as New Optical in Milan, Mondelliani in Rome, Selima Optique in New York City and Les Plus Belles Lunettes du Monde in Paris.