Parallel Universes: Prada’s new communication medium

An experimental creative route that combines new communication tools and semiotics

A creative route conceived by designer Vahram Nuratyan, a virtual road "paved" with spring/summer 2012 accessories for men and women. With rapid and intuitive steps, it highlights two parallel universes that are destined to meet with the guidance of Prada style.


Prada's Parallel Universes is an exercise that began with a desire to experiment with and combine new means of communication with Prada semiotics: consistent with the present and without nostalgia.


This dream-like but virtuous tale was entrusted to Armenian-born graphic artist Vahram Muratyan. Parisian by adoption, Vahram is known for his book "Paris Versus New York" in which split-screen graphics illustrate the similarities between the two great cities.


The same intellectual matrix was used for the Prada route dedicated to accessories in the summer collections. Rocket footwear with studs and colored stones for men become the roofs of imaginary skyscrapers, the earrings and ring of a young woman later seen driving the Pyramid Bag wearing Dixie Sunglasses, or the hill – the metal frame of Teddy Sunglasses on which a guy is playing golf.