Ottomila Eyewear presents the 8000 Metri (8000 Meters) collection

Contemporary and innovative eyewear with simple and functional aesthetics

Not everything in the fashion world is made according to precise seasonal trends. Some creations are born to last. It is the case of the Ottomila brand, dedicated to a contemporary and extremely innovative eyewear, which is however far from fleeting.


Simple and functional aesthetics combined with state-of-the-art technology. Moreover, each model is produced in a limited edition of 8000 pieces, each one with its own unique serial number.


The first collection, 8000 METRI, draws inspiration from the extreme adventures of explorers in the '30s.


The essential design follows the brand's philosophy and so is the quality of the materials, a reflection of nature in its purest forms.


The result is a collection of hand-crafted sunglasses, which are therefore extremely exclusive, as well as strong and flexible.


The color combinations, as the name suggests, travel across the peaks of the world's highest mountains: silver, gold, graphite and lava stone.