Oliver Peoples West is here

A new brand segment that embodies the spirit of California's coast

Oliver Peoples is pleased to announce the launch of Oliver Peoples WEST, a new segment of the Oliver Peoples brand that embodies the spirit of California's coast.


The must-have companions of long weekends embraced by the sun, the models in the collection are perfect for an active lifestyle in the spirit of the slogan "Embrace the Horizon. Go West." The concept of WEST is more than a simple direction or compass point: it is the celebration of a way of being. Heading west has always meant the promise of a milder climate, sandy beaches and a gratifying feeling of wellbeing. Oliver Peoples WEST was inspired by the animated life of the coast and followed its fans on beach weekends at Malibu, walks in the mountains and cruising Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible.


"All our creations are inspired by Oliver Peoples customers, by what they do, where the live, what the need, by possible combinations with the other brands they wear" said Oliver Peoples CEO David Schulte. "Based on this premise, we developed their 'weekend' concept by offering the perfect answer to every situation, one that would be synonymous with practicality but – obviously - also with elegance. This look best reflects the atmosphere of Southern California, but it is sure to captivate the rest of the world as well. WEST means the elimination of distances."


The Oliver Peoples WEST symbol is a development of the unmistakable logo of the Oliver Peoples brand and conjures up an image of the sun at dawn or at dusk. The classic Oliver Peoples logo of circles, triangles and squares is now a more abstract, minimal and refined version that creates a visual association between the new segment and the main line. The WEST logo is derived from Oliver Peoples' Southern Californian origins, which were also the creative inspiration for the new collection's models to be worn always and everywhere, from Sunrise to Sunset. Faithful to its fundamental values of excellent quality, discreet branding and retro aesthetics, Oliver Peoples WEST is the outcome of an innovative approach to a design that is naturally cool but also functional and with details that are undoubtedly an invitation to an active lifestyle.


Each of the seven models in the launch collection gets its name from an iconic element of the Californian coastline – a beach, a canyon, a tree - with temples made from a hybrid material of fused titanium and acetate and silicone end pieces for better grip and comfort that lasts all day. Mainly unisex, the frames have a vintage but classical appeal with a touch of sportiness that makes them a must for any activity without neglecting style.


Compatible with Oliver Peoples' idea of discreet branding, the temple ends are decorated with the slender WEST logo in blue enamel.