Oko by Oko Paris : twice is better than one

A new collection with pure design, elegant but very distinctive

At Oko by Oko Paris, being and living in its time is no longer sufficient, one must be ahead of it. Precious matters, technical feats, the optical brand, which doesn't stop to differentiate itself, contributes to make progresses in the 'new generation' optics.


1 ultra-thin and ultra-light frame with a surgical steel face and acetate armed side-pieces with choice of 5 different frame colors, 1 ultra-thin of 1mm optical clip with choice of 5 different colored clips and 1 polarized sunglasses clip of 2mm... this is the number of elements which compose the 'Duo Clip' frame!
OKO by OKO Paris shows off there right in the eyes with this 2-in-1 frame.


The brand's design offices have wished to conceive a designer optical collection – for men and women- with pure design, elegant but very distinctive. Bit extra on this new line, the addition of a brand logo insert on the side-piece.


Let's not forget the importance of the color code, essential at Oko by Oko Paris. «In order to obtain an optimalcolor result on the surgical steel faces – on the aesthetic aspect but also for quality, strength and resistance reasons – we have opted for the 'IP Plating' technology (Ion Plating).


Ion plating is used to deposit hard coatings of compound materials on tools, adherent metal coatings, optical coatings with high densities, and conformal coatings on complex surfaces. Ion plating is a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process that is sometimes called ion assisted deposition (IAD) or ion vapor deposition (IVD) and is a version of vacuum deposition. Ion plating utilizes concurrent or periodic bombardment of the substrate and depositing film by atomic-sized energetic particles. We are then sure to obtain and keep an optimal color finition and result as years go by. » indicates David Beddok, Head of Design Offices at Oko by Oko Paris.