Oko Bby Oko Paris presents its new Piu Line

A colorful mix of acetate & Rubber

A new line has been emerged from the French design offices of OKO by OKO Paris. The PIU line. A very colorful and delightful collection for men and women with a strong added-value in terms of material and colors choices and most of all, very recognizable at first sight ! OKO by OKO has indeed a strong signature when it comes to colored optical frames.


The key point for this specific collection is the right materials combination that has been given to it : a brilliant mix of acetate and rubber that confers on the frame lightness, comfort and a great feel of quality – without forgetting innovation and differentiation !


Let's not be afraid of being frank : this miracle comes from the talent of our « in house designer » David BEDDOK who knows, collection after collection, how to give, to followers of originality, emotions and satisfactions.


The miracle of a new collection stands right here : in the art – dedicated to each brand – to present even more unbelievable frames year after year, show after show, but always keeping in mind the identity, the philosophy and the signature of a name with strong values of differentiation, of innovation, of comfort and quality. This is the OKO by OKO motto. A brand DNA that is clear, identified and faithful to its values.


Of course, tastes and preferences are a personal matter and some of us are totally fond of one brand, when others would rather prefer this other frame... but after all, all that matters and concern us all, collection after collection, is the one and only value of passion conveyed through each single new model that comes out. This is precisely the motto at OKO by OKO and that is driving the two managers of the brand Philippe ZEITOUN & David BEDDOK to an endless search towards for ever createur models, for ever innovative, for ever original and for ever OKO by OKO.