OKIA: create your personalized pattern

With Composite Pattern Collection you can satisfy your desires

Mixing patterns and colors was the starting point of an idea that has given this collection an original and contemporary twist. Shapes inspired by different images are mixed together on acetate to create an unusual and dynamic decoration based on the personal tastes of the client. Thanks to the sensational possibilities offered by HDA® Technology, it will be very simple to satisfy personal desires by combining natural, geometric or irregular patterns on the frame: feathers, squares and any other shapes can be displayed on the acetate with extremely high definition thanks to accentuated color-blocking.


The application of contrasting colors will make your composite pattern even more special: any combination of matching or contrasting patterns can be created in strong, brilliant colors – like fuchsia, purple and blue – for an elegant and refined look. A marvelous transparent effect – inspired by one of this summer's main trends – completes the collection with a fresh and modern touch.


The Composite Pattern Collection is perfect for him or her. Thanks to its original, fashionable design, it is a special and personalized accessory that is ideal for a unisex and cutting-edge look.