New techno-game frames for Kaos

Unique eyewear with a marked personality, combined materials and distinctive colors

Kaos, the Area98 eyewear brand dedicated to creative spirits under 30, is continuing its conceptual journey. The theme of the new collection is Techno-game and it pays tribute to the generations at the end of the 20th century for whom video games were an integral part of a certain time of their life.


The result is a series of unique frames with a marked, well-defined personality thanks to combinations of materials and distinctive colors that are far from banal. As always, the characteristic elements of this eyewear are the details - like pieces of colored acetate set into the temples and reminiscent of a Tetris puzzle, or narrow layers of metal intertwining along the temples and intersecting the plastic to create minimalist patterns similar to those of a microchip.


Color is still the absolute star in every shade of fluo: vibrant, spicy and explosive, it appears on temples and square fronts in an original play of two-color contrasts.


But its search goes beyond the stylistic aspect: the study of innovative processes has led to totally leading-edge technical solutions, such as the application of one layer of acetate on top of another to define the brow line of some frames, or a high-relief pattern achieved by scooping out the multilayer acetate to give a decorative effect reminiscent of the iconic PAC-MAN and Space Invaders pixels.


Kaos' playful and daring heart is reflected in a collection that once again breaks the mold by interpreting fashion trends in accordance with new rules that are designed to emphasize the wearer's uniqueness.