Nau! presents “Cicala”

Nature's jewel in recycled plastic inspired by the great divas of the past

"Cicala" (cicada) is an evergreen icon of Italian elegance that NAU! has recreated in 96% recycled plastic embellished with 44 sparkling Swarovski crystals.


Every stone is hand set by means of an artisan process inspired by Italian goldsmith's art. The stones form a floral pattern that makes the wearer's eyes unique and irresistible.


"Cicala" is one of the models in the Green 2013 collection, that is 100% Made in Italy from 96% recycled plastic and certified Second Life Plastic by IPPR – Istituto per la Promozione delle Plastiche da Riciclo. (the Italian Institute for the Promotion of Recycling of Plastics )


"Cicala" is available on limited edition with four different decorations: pure crystal, black crystal, pink crystal and aqua crystal.