Nannini aims for eco-sustainability

NYC One and NYC Two also in eco-friendly version

Research and the company's constant pursuit of a mix of technology and design that will create unconventional eyewear have led to NYC One and NYC Two.


The new eyewear in the Nannini sports line is the offspring of urban culture, inspired by the street and the free and unconventional lifestyle of the Big Apple, a city that is not just somewhere to live it is also a space for expression.


NYC ONE and NYC TWO feature comfortable, lightweight and shock-resistant frames made from a special type of nylon: Grilamid TR90, a crushproof material and the only one of its kind because of its extraordinary shape-retaining ability, even under stress. The designs have been studied specifically to guarantee excellent wearability.


Up-to-the-minute eyewear featuring decisive, well-defined lines. The vast range of colors make it ideal for any situation: young and fun for Fashion, decisive and eternal for Classic and über-cool Camouflage models that are all the rage.


Eyewear inspired by the classical lines of the Sixties revisited and corrected to make it up to date and fashionable. These concepts led to the wraparound lines that characterize this sporty eyewear that is also available in the Classic, Fashion and Camouflage versions.


Nannini is ready to accept one of the most fascinating challenges of our times: apply eco-compatible technologies to industrial manufacturing. In fact NYC is already available in an Eco-Friendly version.


A version made from material based on derivatives of castor oil, a completely renewable resource not used in food. An analysis of the manufacturing cycle has demonstrated that this material contributes to reducing global warming by decreasing CO2 emissions by up to 70% compared to materials from petroleum derivatives.