Mykita Mylon Fall/Winter 2013-2014 sun and vision eyewear

Colored frames made from polyamide-based material with distinctive lightness and strength

The sun and vision eyewear in the Mykita Mylon Fall/Winter 2013-2014 collection has special colored frames. They are made from a polyamide-based material that was created and patented by the brand. The eyewear proposed is distinctive because of its lightness and strength.


Also for this winter Mykita has created a new line of eyewear with the introduction of new, leading-edge techniques. The Mylon series for the cold season includes, first and foremost, a rounded sunglasses frame featuring a slim bridge, front and colored velvet temples.


Called Io, it is reminiscent of the typical frames of the Seventies and now comes in different colors - in particular, a delicious meadow green. Another sunglasses model proposed by the brand is Atlas, an oversize aviator frame designed primarily for men but also worn by women. It is also colored and enhanced by a slim bridge and mirrored lenses. Not to be missed are the beautiful colored wraparounds, particularly Vega, which has a bold top part and is perfect for skiing.


The section designed for vision eyewear also boasts a new model. Its name is Orion and has the classic cat-eye shape that is decidedly feminine, intriguing and lively. Designed specifically for women, it was presented in a beautiful wild rose. Other vision eyewear includes rectangular, fairly simple models or special, geometrical and exclusively masculine shapes.


All the new Mykita Mylon eyewear is made with Selective Laser Sintering technology, an additive process for creating three-dimensional objects. Mylon eyewear can be made in any shape.