Moschino 2012: elegant shapes and feminine wit

Six original models for the new collection presented at Mido 2012

The Japanese fan An oriental flavor that stems from balanced lightness and elegance, themes that were inspired by the new hinge, the protagonist of the sun as well as the vision models. The front piece and temples are joined by three metal rings that seem to open up gradually, just like a fan (MO 152 and MO 671).


My secret A metal boule enfolds the precious secrets of cards and pure entertainment, of mystery and passion; enameled diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs or Swarovski crystals. The hinge is here, too, but it interprets these models in a different way (MO 142).


Magnificent These models represent the sinuous curves of the calla. This time in a sparklingly feminine jeweled version. The three-dimensional temples follow the shape of the flower as far as the crystal-studded petals and a Swarovski crystal dewdrop embellishes the pistil (MO 646).


Comics In addition to its more sophisticated elegance, Moschino reveals the subtle wit that has always been an essential feature of the brand: personalized patterns with the Moschino mascot, Luisa Goose, multilayered acetate, polka dots and cartoon logos blend with elegance in models that are original and fun (MO 198).


Le chat noir The new family in the collection is clearly inspired by bohemian art. The sun models that interpret this theme break the rules of shape and color in favor of an expression that is new and free. Dedicated to lovers of new ideas and experiences, with a pinch of the unusual (MO 667).


Dream teen With these models the brand continues its game of fantasy for little girls: three-dimensional metal bows, Swarovski crystals on the temples, color duos and personalized acetates are the ingredients of this eyewear collection (MO 172 e MO 676).

New, colorful and sassy vision and sun models in the Moschino Teen line for witty girls with big personalities.