LGR presents its Limited Edition for summer 2013

Safari Collection sunglasses inspired by African culture

For summer 2013 LGR has presented Safari Collection, its limited edition sunglasses collection made from handcrafted quality materials and in colors inspired by African culture. The colors and designs of the eyewear collection by the Roman brand conjure up all the fascination of Africa and its lands. The brand proposes two models, one for men and one for women, in four different colors.


Every model features a special combination of colors that are reminiscent of different African landscapes: oceans, forests, jungles and deserts of the Black Continent. LGR sunglasses are completed with lenses inspired by the characteristics of these locations for a look in perfect ethnic style.


The four models include Ocean in indigo with lenses coated in a Neophan polarized film; Forest in shaded dark green for a trendy look; Savanna has lenses in tempered mineral glass that becomes lighter from top to bottom; lastly, Desert has double mirrored lenses that are darker at the top and bottom.